Animal Control investigates the death of three dogs found across Wichita

- Kansas, USA -

Wichita Animal control is trying to figure out whether the death of three dogs found across Wichita is coincidental.

An unidentified woman made the horrific discoveries at 29th Street North and Broadway, 47th Street South and Webb, and along I-135 near 21st Street.

KAKE News reports that on Thursday, February 6, the woman was driving on the highway and saw a plastic bag so she pulled over to walk up to the bag.

There was a Pit bull severely emaciated who was wearing a collar.

Another dog was found frozen.

The woman said: "It was awful it was mortifying. It really made my heart wrench and my stomach turn."

Wichita Animal Control commander, Lt. Brian Sigman, said that three dogs wrapped up in trash bags and dumped on the same day is odd.

Unfortunately, there are no surveillance cameras in the area where the furbabies were discovered so there is not much to help the investigation and it’s up to us to provide useful information leading to the identification of whoever is responsible for this sick and cruel act.

Anyone with information can call the Crime Stoppers at (316) - 267- 2111. Thank you!

*Voice For Us believes that not reporting animal cruelty is the same as committing it!*


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