ALEJANDRO CASTELLANO charged for accidentally shooting a bear who then had to be euthanized

- Florida, USA -

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says ALEJANDRO CASTELLANO is facing a second-degree MISDEMEANOR charge for shooting a bear who was trying to eat his trash.

The incident happened in June.

On June 24, officers were called to CASTELLANO’s home on Indian Lake Road in Daytona Beach and the accused stated a notification alerted him to activity in his yard.

According to CASTELLANO, when he went outside to check what was going on, he saw a black bear who was trying to get into his trash can.

At that point, CASTELLANO grabbed his .22 caliber rifle and fired.

He claimed the shot was meant to be just a warning.

However, the shot was not fired in the air but at the bear!

The innocent bear was struck, collapsed to the ground, and dragged himself into the wood line.

Officers said they went into the woods with an FWC biologist and found the injured bear.

Sadly, they determined that the bear’s back was broken, and he wouldn’t be able to recover, so he was euthanized (fancy word for gotten rid of).

Click Orlando reports that according to the affidavit, the .22 caliber bullet was found lodged inside the bear’s lungs, and a single shell casing was discovered on the shooter’s porch.

The murderer then told officers that in the past he had fired warning shots at the bear to scare him away because he was going after his dogs.

CASTELLANO did not report this to the authorities.

He is now charged with violating a Florida black bear conservation administrative code.

Voice For Us note: This is another example of how the irresponsible behavior of a human being has led to the senseless death of an innocent animal! We know very well that we need to keep our yards and porches clean to avoid these incidents. I don’t understand why CASTELLANO had to kill the bear who was outside. And why stories like this one always end with the “inevitable euthanasia” of the victim??? If we follow this logic, then we should start euthanizing intruders who come into our homes to rob us and hurt us!!!

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