ADAM CHRISTIE arrested after shooting a defenseless stray kitten with a BB gun

- Michigan, USA -

On Thursday, November 5, Macomb County Sheriff deputies responded to an animal cruelty report in a property on Rathbone Street in Mt. Clemens.

On the scene, deputies spoke with the callers who showed them a kitten on their porch who was bleeding and appeared to have a neck injury.

Deputies then called in Macomb County Animal Control.

The callers told deputies they believed the furbaby had been shot by a male who had been driven around the block multiple times.

The homeowner said he saw a dark colored vehicle, later found to be a black Buick Rendezvous, driving around his block several times and a member of the family also confirmed that statement.

The member of the family added that they heard a loud “pop” sound come from the vehicle as it passed their home.

The homeowner explained that even though the furbaby is not his, he frequently feeds the stray cats in the area.

It just so happened that while deputies were talking to the complainants, the vehicle in question drove by again.

Immediately deputies did a traffic stop and the driver, identified as 39-year-old ADAM CHRISTIE (pictured below), was taken into custody.

Deputies found a BB gun in the back seat of the vehicle and seized it as evidence.

CHRISTIE had two children in the car with him who witnessed their father shooting a defenseless homeless cat!!!

Sadly, the kitten was euthanized due to the severity of the injuries he/she sustained.

MI Headlines reports that Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office authorized one count of animal – killing/torturing on CHRISTIE whose arraignment date has not yet been set.

The murderer is out free.

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