Abused, murdered, mutilated dog found in a crate in Las Vegas

- Nevada, USA -

It’s an image that I’ll never get out of my head”, Ms. Lisa Jagodzinski (pictured below), told 8 News Now after making a horrific discovery.

It happened in Las Vegas where Ms. Jagodzinski found a metal crate with a dog inside on the side of a northwest valley street.

Sadly, the furbaby was not alive. He/she had been abused, murdered, and mutilated.

Las Vegas Metro Police told 8 News Now this is an ongoing investigation.

In an interview with Sasha Loftis of 8 News Now, Ms. Jagodzinski said: “It was just really a terrible scene for anyone to have to come up on. Who could possibly ever harm a dog like this?

She then added “If somebody can harm a dog like that. What would they do to a human?

Ms. Jagodzinski encourages anyone who is considering adopting a dog to reflect on the decision and take the commitment seriously.

It’s just like a child. We have to make that a lifetime commitment”, she rightfully said.

Police are not releasing any further details at this time.

If you have any information about this case, I beg you, come forward and speak for the VOICELESS VICTIM.

Please, call Metro Police at (702) - 828 - 3111. Thank you!

Voice For Us firmly believes all animal abusers should be sentenced to the death penalty!

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