ABIGALE LOUISE JONES founder of Tenderheart Rescue faces animal cruelty charges

- Connecticut, USA -

Bristol Police believe that multiple kittens have died in the care of Tenderheart Rescue’s founder, 30-year-old ABIGALE LOUISE JONES (pictured below).

Police believe she was caring for them illegally.

JONES, of 489 Wolcott Street Apt no 1 in Bristol, is accused of practicing veterinary care without a license.

According to the four-page arrest warrant, JONES denied having any sick cats, but then told police she had a kitten die of distemper, which is highly contagious.

JONES admitted to police she “administers medications and fluids to her animals although it’s not always under a veterinarian’s direction”, reports Eyewitness News.

The arrest warrant also states that JONES posted a picture on her personal Facebook page, saying, “I’m so proud of myself learning how to give fluids properly!”

The arrest warrant mentions a woman who had adopted a kitten for $50 from JONES, and the furbaby died the following day.

While veterinarians at a clinic in Wolcott told police, “they have seen two of Tenderheart Rescue kittens and mentioned that they know of a few kittens that have passed away in her care.”

On November 6, Officer Ryan M. Gotowala with the Bristol Police Department arrested JONES.

JONES faces two counts of animal cruelty, one count of practicing veterinary care without a license, one count of operating a pet shop without a license, and one count of sale of an underage kitten.

When Channel 3 contacted JONES through Facebook Messenger, she told them: “I am the biggest animal lover and advocate. I have been falsely accused of outlandish accusations and that will be proven in court.”

Well, let’s see how she will prove that in February when she is expected in court!

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