AARON RAY sentenced to12-week jail term suspended for a year after he stabbed the family cockatiel

- England -

18-year-old AARON RAY (pictured below), appeared before South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court on Friday, June 26, and was handed a 12-week jail term, suspended for a year, after he admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

RAY was also banned from keeping animals for 15 years.

~ Original story:

On January 11, Northumbria Police responded to a home in South Hylton about a disturbance.

Officers learned that the juvenile flew into a rage and killed the family cockatiel.

This sick individual had cruelly plunged a knife into the back of the tiny neck of the innocent bird.

Reportedly, when this monster was questioned, he told officers: “It’s just a bird, it’s not a crime.

Wildlife officer Pc Peter Baker said: “We are a nation of animal lovers, so it is upsetting to come across incidents such as this where the defendant has caused inevitable and unnecessary suffering to an animal.”

Adding: “I hope this conviction acts as a serious lesson to others – anybody who causes unnecessary suffering to an animal could face criminal action and a possible jail term.”


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