A team of angels has come together to save the precious life of a heron

- Wisconsin, USA -

The bird was spotted near Burlington hardly able to survive on his own.

He was missing the top third of his beak and was consequently underweight.

He also had an injury to the right side of his head and eye.

A dentist, two vets, and a hospital joined forces to put him back together and give him a second chance in life.

Dr. Ann Limberg, who is a dentist, took an impression of the beak and fabricated it.

A prosthetic bill was created and attached so that the bird could eat on his own.

Dr. Limberg compared that to a denture in the case of a human patient.

An hour after the procedure, the heron was able to eat on his own.

He is recovering at Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital in Lake Geneva.

Staff believe that he was hit by a car.

They also believe that the bird's beak could grow back in and he could likely be released.


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