A red panda escaped from Curraghs Wildlife Park

- Isle of Man - Located in the Irish Sea -

Curraghs Wildlife Park is missing a male red panda.

The zoo posted on their Facebook page on October 17, that a branch fell into his enclosure forming a bridge through which the panda named Kush, was able to escape.

Park staff searched the area but were unable to locate Kush.

The zoo wrote on their post that red pandas are not dangerous but don’t try to catch them if you see one.

People who live in the area are urged to slow down in the vicinity of the Park.

UPI reports that James Gale said in a Facebook post that he and his neighbor Carl Richards set up a wildlife camera and left bamboo in front of it to attract Kush.

Reportedly, the panda was eventually caught on camera and the Park was notified right away.

They went over to look for him but they weren’t able to track him down.

The search continues.


Picture via Curraghs Wildlife Park

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