A Judges' Duty

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

People involved in animal welfare, such as volunteers, rescue groups, shelters, vets, animal control agencies and so on, deal with animal cruelty on a daily basis.

All these people tirelessly work days, nights, holidays, in cold and hot weather and risk their lives because they have chosen to be on the side of those who do not have a voice and cannot ask for help. This requires a lot of love, passion, determination and commitment.

But then, when the animal abuser shows up in court, too often the law is not applied to the full extent, the abuser does not get punished severely enough and in many cases they abuse again.

Animals get abandoned, shot, stabbed, kicked, put in ovens, neglected and mistreated in farms, zoos and circuses, dragged behind vehicles, set on fire, starved to death, punched, killed in front of their moms and siblings and much more.

When you deal with these cases or write about them it’s very difficult to get those images out of your mind.

Who has the duty to defend animals and protect them from sick and heartless individuals? Who has the ultimate word on their behalf?

Voice For Us truly believes that judges have a duty to take animal cruelty seriously and respect animals’ lives.

By handing down lenient sentences they are effectively contributing and condoning the abuse and/or the end of a life.

Furthermore, they undermine the efforts of all the people involved to bring the case to court.

Animal abusers need to know that if they hurt an animal they will pay for it, no matter what the circumstances are.

Judges, you have the power to be on the voiceless’ side, use it!!!

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