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A Good Samaritan and a microchip reunite a dog and her mom after the pooch went missing for months

- Colorado, Texas, USA -

In July, Ms. Kenyetta Taylor (pictured below) moved from Denver, Colorado to Dallas, Texas but she couldn’t take her dog with her because the furbaby, a Yorkie named Cocoa, went missing months prior.

Some sources report that Cocoa had gotten lost on a walk during a snowstorm in late February.

Other sources report that Cocoa had been stolen.

Either way, the good news is that Cocoa was found on the night of Friday, October 1, by a Good Samaritan down Bruce Randolph Avenue near Elizabeth Street in north Denver.

The woman then called Denver Animal Protection and Officer Schillinger took the call.

Cocoa had been missing for a total of 219 days before being found and she was severely matted.

After Officer Schillinger scanned Cocoa for microchip, she was able to notify Ms. Taylor that her furbaby had been found.

Ms. Taylor hopped on a flight back to Mile High City to go pick up Cocoa and updated the microchip.

Highlighting the importance of microchipping dogs, Officer Schillinger said: “Not only do you have to get your dog microchipped, but it is also important you keep that information updated with your address, but more specifically your phone number, that’s how I was able to contact them to get the dog back to them.”

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Judy A Canon
Judy A Canon
Feb 14, 2022

A great reunion. I love it!

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