A female monk seal pup of about four months was rescued but did not survive

- Brindisi, Apulia region, Italy -

On Monday, January 27, a female monk seal pup of about four months was spotted on a beach in Torre San Gennaro.

A passerby noticed the baby seal not far from the Enel power plant in Cerano.

Local law enforcement, local health agencies, experts from Genova Aquarium, and ISPRA (The Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) also responded to the scene.

The pup was rescued by experts.

She was injured, lethargic, emaciated, anemic, and with evident breathing difficulties.

A private citizen made his home available for the vets to treat and monitor the baby seal.

Vets hoped for her condition to improve despite the fact that she had been breathing heavily all night long.

Sadly, the baby did not make it.

ISPRA announced that the seal pup passed away on Tuesday, January 28.

Necropsy investigations will soon be carried out at the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute.

The body will be analyzed avoiding damage to the skeleton and fur, to allow the carcass to be displayed for educational and scientific purposes.

The monk seal is a highly endangered and a protected species in the Mediterranean.

Italian law prohibits their killing, capture, and disturbance.

ISPRA said that there are only a few hundred left.



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