8-year-old cat accidentally euthanized during a routine vet visit

- Texas, USA -

Ms. Michelle Olson is mourning her cat who was accidentally euthanized during a routine vet visit.

It happened at Suburbia North Animal Hospital in Spring, Texas.

Michelle and her husband had just picked up their 8-year-old female furbaby named Sophie from the hospital when they received a call from the doctor asking them to take Sophie back immediately.

The doctor explained over the phone that instead of the rabies vaccine, they gave Sophie euthanasia.

A brokenhearted Michelle told KTRK: “I immediately took her out of her cat carrier and I held her talked to her, because I knew that was going to be the last thing she would remember, I knew she wasn't going to come back at that point, I just knew it. She pretty much was dying in my arms."

Although the vets did everything they could to save Sophie, every attempt was sadly unsuccessful.

Michelle said: "Every time I close my eyes, I see that look on her face, and I just can't get it out of my head."

She also said that it’s not her intention to bash the clinic but to bring awareness to the situation so something like this doesn't happen to someone else.


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