8-month-old German shepherd ready to be adopted after being dragged by truck

- Mead Valley, California, USA -

Beautiful 8-month-old German shepherd named Beauty is ready for a loving and furever home.

Riverside County Animal Services has posted the good news on their Facebook page.

On July 29, Beauty was seized by authorities after she was dragged alongside a Toyota pickup truck.

According to a statement from Riverside County Animal Services, residents of Carter Drive waved and chased down the driver and then one of them called 911.

When a sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene, the female driver said that the dog was tethered down to the back of the truck and she did not realize that she fell out because she was playing loud music.

She then promised to take the injured furbaby to a vet to be treated.

Beauty suffered serious abrasions to her abdomen and her paws.

For some reason - which is still being investigated - Beauty was left on Carter Drive and Animal Services was contacted.

Officer Will Luna responded to the scene and immediately took Beauty to an emergency clinic.

Animal Services released a video showing Beauty receiving treatment while Officer Luna comforts her. The video might be disturbing for some viewers.

Dr. Sara Strongin, a Riverside County staff veterinarian, said: “Beauty’s wounds are very small and almost fully healed.” She added: “The wounds no longer require bandage changes but veterinary team members are still applying a topical spray daily.”


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