2-year-old mare on the brink of death offered for free on Craigslist

- Brown County, Ohio, USA -

A 2-year-old mare very close to death was offered for free on Craigslist (An American classified advertisements website).

A lady saw the disgraceful ad, part of it read: “Free horse... I don’t know what’s wrong with her. If you can help her, you can have her.”

The Good Samaritan immediately went to get the mare and then alerted Fighting Chance Rescue, a Hamersville-based organization.

The nonprofit stepped in on Wednesday night, January 29. It took some manpower.

They placed the mare, named Star, on a stretcher, loaded her on a trailer and once she was transported to the stable, she was put in a sling.

Ms. Kimberly Kinder, president of Fighting Chance Rescue, said that Star is lucky to be alive.

Star was too weak to walk or stand on her own to the point that Ms. Kinder said: “She’s in danger of possibly dying of starvation."

Ms. Kinder said Star was going to get around-the-clock care and indeed she did.

I have visited the rescue Facebook page and they have posted pictures and updates daily.

Ms. Kinder even put up a bed in the stable to be close to Star.

On a funny note I have to say that that bed got really crowded at some point with a beautiful cat and a beautiful dog, as you can see from the pictures below.

Ms. Kinder said there is an investigation. “We want to see people prosecuted," she said. "We want people to pay for what they did to these horses.”

Star has been eating, drinking and she even took a few steps.

The rescue is working on her leg muscles.

Donations have been pouring in to help with her medical care.

Anyone who wishes to help can visit the shelter’s website

Pictures via Fighting Chance Rescue 501 c3


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